Ortone aims at providing a thorough and scientific snapshot of the quality of life of patients all over Europe getting a surgery of their knee or hip..
Why ? Today, journalists are ranking surgeons, hospitals and medical teams using macro-data such as length of stay, global costs, number of act of care provided, volume of drugs consummated. Ortone is the first ever tool to scientifically measure and value surgeon practice and efficiency. To perform this measure, Ortone provides well recognized questionnaires during the recovery time of the patient.

Ortone is a non profit experiment aiming at setting a European metric for knee/hip surgeries

  • Available to any orthopedic surgeon, either public or private sector, ambulatory or classic with or without enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS).
  • Available to any patient, based on online surveys, the only requirement is an email address.

Available protocols :

  • Knee Ligamentoplasty
  • Total knee replacement
  • Total hip replacement
To see the digital protocols associated to these pathologies :

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The result

  • A set of "rare" and qualified anonymous data (sportsman, sedentary, activity scores, pain level…) available to any investigating surgeon from France, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands.
  • Surgical practice valorization through patient engagement
  • Health
  • Hospital


  1. Available to any orthopedic surgeon sponsored by an investigating surgeon.
  2. All participants will have access to all collected data.
  3. All participants will be named as members of the experiment in the futures scientific publications.
  4. If a third party (such as medical societies ...) would like to have access to raw data, it must be sponsored by an investigating surgeon, It must be approved by a majority of surgeons participants.

How it works

  1. Surgeon presents Ortone to his patient: "Participate to an European experiment to measure the quality of life before and after your surgery"
  2. Patient agrees to join the program by giving his/her email address
  3. Surgeon or his/her team registers the patient on a dedicated webpage by entering the patient's email address, pathology and surgery date
  4. As soon as the patient is registered, he will receive a confirmation email. Then, 8 days before his surgery date , the first questionnaire will be emailed.
  5. Then, depending on the selected protocol, patient will receive other surveys to evaluate his quality of life.